Portfolio Archive

This page contains all of my featured portfolio pieces in one place, including those that have been removed from the main site to showcase newer work. (Some projects can only be shown privately upon request.)


Dynamically Illuminated Icons

The 3D-rendered icons at the top of this site have lighting that responds to the mouse cursor when viewed on a computer with a pointing device.

On mobile devices, the icons respond instead to device tilt. You may need to enable motion sensors to see this experimental effect.

T-Shirt and Button Designs

See my online store Gluttony & Sloths for various designs of mine on T-shirts, buttons, mugs, phone cases, etc., including satirical campaign buttons for Cockroaches 2040 and Tardigrades 2040, and “Hello? It's a Sloth” products.

Other Projects

Follow me on Mastodon for occasional updates on various professional and personal projects: @adamsimmersive@mastodon.social.



Gulf Coast Exploreum
9 screens of museum games

  • Game-based educational exhibits on nutrition
  • 3D driving game with custom control wheel
  • Quiz show wall and touchscreen recipe tables

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Interactive museum exhibits: Gulf Coast Exploreum Fuel Up! game

Prevention Works
Nonprofit website

  • WebUpdater CMS allows easy updates with no programming or training needed
  • Around 100 pages, yet easy to navigate
  • Search-engine optimized (SEO)

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Non-profit web site design: Prevention Works

Mind Magnets
Visual list-making mobile app

  • Grid-based visual checklists for iPhone and iPad
  • Game-like interaction with a selection of shapes and colors
  • Arranging info spatially is superior to traditional lists

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Custom mobile game-like productivity app

Stephen G. Post
Author website

  • Book reviews, events, and speaking engagements
  • Matching email newsletter design
  • Responsive layout

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Author website: Stephen G. Post

Nonprofit website

  • Designed for an institutional, academic feel
  • Two-level navigation to keep a large site organized
  • Libraries of downloadable white papers and other media

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Non-profit website design: Institute for Research on Unlimited Love

Ask Dr. Bennet
Mini-site for a pediatric practice

  • Emphasizes vital content for new patients: map, contact info, and personal connection
  • Simple, friendly, colorful, responsive design
  • This is an archived website

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Doctor’s office web site design: Ask Dr. Bennet

Panoramic VR adventure engine

  • 3D-rendered 360° environments
  • Time travel with time-of-day effects
  • 3D inventory objects

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Panoramic game: 4D

Fly Eye
Four-player strategy game

  • “Hotseat” turn-based strategy
  • Two teams of two cooperative players
  • Shockwave web game

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Web game: Fly Eye

Product simulation web game

  • Realistic bubble-wrap popping game with bombs and powerups
  • Showcases the product’s unique feature: a range of colorful patterns

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Product simulation web game: PopArt bubble wrap

Product simulation web game

  • Basketball training aid demonstrated in game form
  • Intentionally easy, reinforcing the message that ArcAngel makes shooting simple

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Product simulation web game: ArcAngel

GE Lighting
Promotional 3D web game

  • Humorous demo of good vs. poor lighting
  • 3D web game programmed in Unity for FridgeArt
  • Custom modeling plus supplied characters/voices

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Unity web game: GE LED Swap

GE Lighting
Promotional web games

  • Fun demos of quality lighting vs. poor lighting
  • Office and store constructed in 3D (Unity) and 2D
  • High score tracking

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Web marketing game: GE Lumination Game

HTML5 training game interface

  • Animated front end for corporate training game
  • Built tablet and smartphone-ready for Sustainable Innovations using supplied characters

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HTML5 workplace training game: Grow a PAIR and Lead

CDI Refurb Puzzler
HTML5 marketing game

  • Heavily-modified open-source matching game
  • Playing reveals images of the service being offered
  • Built tablet- and smartphone-ready for MossMedia

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HTML5/JavaScript game: CDI Same Game

Kent State University
PREDICTION multiplayer game

  • Cooperative game for Communication students
  • Connects players over the Internet
  • From a board game by William Gorden & Richard Goodman

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Multi-player educational game: KSU Prediction by William Gorden

MSM International
Educational strategy game

  • Paper game re-designed with interactivity and animation
  • Teaches car maintenance to new drivers
  • Smart A.I. opponents

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Interactive learning media: educational game

Clockwork 360
Mobile game title

  • Upcoming release for iPad and iPhone
  • Also playable on Windows, Mac and as a browser game
  • Action game with realistic 3D physics and lighting

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iPhone/iPad/iOS App Store game: Clockwork

R. Groves Group
Playable casino game

  • Fully playable simulation for marketing a slot machine product
  • Special keys trigger non-random demos of different wins

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Product simulation: Pick Your Pleasure slot machine

LCCC Chemistry
Animated math lessons

  • Extranet math reviews for college chemistry students
  • Animations to make scientific prefixes, units, and algebraic operations memorable

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Interactive lessons: Lorain County Community College mathematics tutorials

Trip’s Treasures
Educational math game

  • Teaches rapid counting
  • Fun progression of different treasures and patterns
  • For desktop and mobile platforms

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3D game for kids: undersea chests containing countable groups of jewels and coins

Love All Means All
Scholarship contest website

  • Bold, responsive design focused on 7 question areas
  • Simple system for submitting essays as uploaded Word documents
  • Library of past winning essays

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Contest submission web site design: Love All Means All

Aspen Dental
Virtual reality facility tour

  • VR tour deployed at trade shows
  • Simple navigation with no motion symptoms
  • Deployed for both Samsung Gear VR and Windows PC

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Panoramic VR tour for mobile/smartphone VR

GE Lighting
3D City of Light home page

  • Interactive lighting simulations
  • Cost/benefit calculator
  • Banner ads
  • Business-to-business sales presentations

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3D illustration: GE city website

Pioneer Table Pads
Website and product customizer

  • Table pad “configurator” to simplify ordering a very complex custom product
  • Seasonal animated ads
  • Led to an immediate and lasting increase in sales

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E-commerce websites with product configurators: Pioneer Table Pad Company

Crossroads Systems
Interactive catalog

  • Product “configurator” to find the best IT solution for a given network
  • Animated simulations of network traffic
  • Website and CD-ROM cards

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Product configurator: Crossroads Systems

A Northern Edge
Small business website

  • Simple site for a resume service, styled like a paper document
  • Color-coded service offerings
  • PayPal integrated

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Small business web site design: A Northern Edge Resume Service

The Heart of Religion
Book launch website

  • Online ordering, reviews, and embedded audiobook
  • Mobile-optimized responsive layout
  • Clean, open design with high-DPI graphics

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Book launch web site design: The Heart of Religion

Book promotional website

  • The authors can easily
    update event listings using my WebUpdater CMS
  • Author blog, reader comments and videos integrated

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Author web site design: ShadeItBlack.com

Sydney 2000 Olympics
Web banner ads

  • Animated banner ads for the Paralympic Games in Sydney, Australia
  • Tailored for strict data limits
  • Click to view this and other banner ad campaigns

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Web banner ad design: Paralympic Games, Sydney, Australia

The Music Settlement
Website with custom CMS

  • Course catalogs and event schedules editable using my WebUpdater CMS
  • Color-coded department sub‑sites
  • Custom MP3 music player

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Non-profit web site design: Cleveland Music School Settlement

Prevention Network
Nonprofit website

  • Flash-animated photo slideshow with non-Flash fallback
  • Training catalog
  • Donations via PayPal

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Non-profit web site design: Prevention Network

CASA of Chautauqua
Small-scale nonprofit website

  • Designed to serve existing volunteers and attract new ones
  • Events calendar sidebar on every page
  • Search-optimized, mobile-friendly

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Non-profit web site design: CASA of Chautauqua County, NY

Weitz, Weitz & Coleman
Interactive Book Designer

  • Prototype retail kiosk
  • User can experiment with custom book colors and materials
  • Book price updates in realtime as user makes changes

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Product simulation: book design kiosk

City of Cleveland
Public health quiz game

  • Game-style lesson to teach anti-flu hygiene to children
  • Built in for Impact Communications using supplied text, map and characters

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Educational game: CDPH Flu Achoo

LCCC Allied Health
Patient Records Simulator

  • Installed in patient rooms in a mock hospital for nursing students
  • Graphical medication schedules
  • Printable reports of student actions

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Interactive learning simulation: Lorain County Community College Patient Records Simulator

Website for my apps and games

  • Grid of “cards” for quickly browsing my mobile apps
  • Design automatically responds to device Dark Mode
  • Topic-specific contact form built into each card

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Website: Mind Magnets app, Logical Fallacies stickers, Scree game