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Kindergarten Matters. Success Starts Here.

Research has identified skills that predict later literacy and academic success: spoken language abilities, knowledge of speech sounds, knowledge of letters and how they combine to make words, number sense and operations, and cognitive abilities.

The WELL screening is a $25 online assessment that identifies each child’s unique strengths and weaknesses.  Learn More

WELL was drawn from the fields of education, psychology, speech-language pathology, and child development to create a unique, comprehensive screening tool.  Meet the WELL Team

Educational Screening

Screening activity with dolphin and crab cartoon characters
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With one 20-minute test, educators, parents, and health professionals can assess multiple skill areas that predict future school success.

Animated cartoon characters instruct and guide the child through fun activities while an adult scores the test using a simple online form.

The child’s results appear instantly with an easy to understand learning profile and Next Steps links: games, learning materials, and help finding the right professional to consult in any skill area that may be a weakness to bolster.  Sample Results

Use it again and again to assess kindergarten readiness and to monitor academic growth until first grade.

Portrait “…shows the growth my students make
over the course of a school year and
helps guide my teaching to best
support each individual learner.”
— Lauren Brown
Portrait “The WELL screening captures the child’s
imagination while assessing skills
essential to kindergarten success.”
— Barbara A. Lewis, Ph.D.
Professor and NIH
Funded Researcher
Portrait “This is a great service being offered
to families… This could really change
the course of a child’s life.”
— Melony and Ben
Mom and son