Interactive Learning
Museum, classroom & workplace education

Interactive learning, at its best, makes the user an active participant: learning by doing, not watching passively. 3D museum display kiosk with map, globe turned to northeast Ohio Students, museum-goers or employees can explore situations, play educational games, and navigate well-organized multimedia information at their own pace.

Interactive 3D for Web and Kiosks

Engaging 3D experiences can now be developed rapidly at low cost, using the Unity engine and WebGL to deliver console-level graphics, physics and sound.

The Mathematics of Chance: Invented by Sir Francis Galton in the 19th century, the “bean machine” shows how a probability function known as the normal distribution or “bell curve” can predict the likely outcome of a random occurrence—such as falling beans.

This physics-based 3D simulation is simple, yet engages the learner directly in a way that watching a video or looking at a diagram cannot achieve. Although built for Mac and Windows, the same 3D Flash activity could be delivered to iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone as a free app download.

More Interactive 3D Examples

Design custom furniture or explore a 3D campus map.

Oculus Rift and Virtual Reality Development

Illustration: virtual reality 3D cubePlace your users inside a 360° virtual world that feels real, surrounding them with 3D stereoscopic sights and sounds. VR is already effective and low-cost, using Google’s “Project Cardboard” VR headsets or the Oculus Rift HMD. Contact me to learn how I can help you deploy virtual reality solutions.


LCCC Allied Health
Patient Records Simulator

  • Installed in patient rooms in a mock hospital for nursing students
  • Graphical medication schedules
  • Printable reports of student actions

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Interactive learning simulation: Lorain County Community College Patient Records Simulator

Kent State University
PREDICTION multiplayer game

  • Cooperative game for Communication students
  • Connects players over the Internet
  • From a board game by William Gorden & Richard Goodman

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Multi-player educational game: KSU Prediction by William Gorden

LCCC Chemistry
Animated math lessons

  • Extranet math reviews for chemistry students
  • Flash animations to make prefixes and units memorable

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Interactive lessons: Lorain County Community College mathematics turorials

HTML5 training game interface

  • Animated front end for corporate training game
  • Built tablet and smartphone-ready for Sustainable Innovations using supplied characters

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HTML5 workplace training game: Grow a PAIR and Lead

Product simulation web game

  • Basketball training aid demonstrated in game form
  • Intentionally easy, reinforcing the message that ArcAngel makes shooting simple

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Product simulation web game: ArcAngel

MSM International
Educational strategy game

  • Paper game re-designed with interactivity and animation
  • Teaches car maintenance to new drivers
  • Smart A.I. opponents

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Interactive learning media: educational game

City of Cleveland
Public health quiz game

  • Game-style lesson to teach anti-flu hygiene to children
  • Built in Flash for Impact Communications using supplied text, map and characters

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Educational game: CDPH Flu Achoo