Product Simulations
Customizers, configurators & savings calculators

An online product “customizer” or “configurator” lets the user experiment with options and colors, then see the results. 3D chair configurator with color choices and e-commerce shopping cart button This activity engages the user much more deeply than simply reading options from a list. My customizers can be 2D, 3D or photographic, and can connect directly to online stores. They can also be installed in retail kiosks and interactive touch displays.

Savings and Benefit Calculators

For products and services with a cost or profit advantage, a custom calculator can be very persuasive. Users can enter the details of their own situations, try different “what if” scenarios, and immediately see what the benefits would be.

Interactive 3D for Web and Kiosks

Engaging 3D experiences can now be developed rapidly at low cost, using the Unity engine and WebGL to deliver console-level graphics, physics and sound.

Play with options, get instant price updates, and see your creation from all angles—a strong incentive to buy. This 3D experience works on iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone but without rotation. Or, if delivered as a free mobile app download, it could have full 3D effects.

More Interactive 3D Examples

Learn by doing with a physics-driven Bean Machine simulation, or explore a 3D campus map.


Pioneer Table Pads
Mobile-friendly online stores

  • Table pad “configurator” to simplify ordering a complex, customizable product
  • Library of seasonal marketing animations
  • Led to an immediate sales increase

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E-commerce websites with product configurators: Pioneer Table Pad Company

Weitz, Weitz & Coleman
Interactive Book Designer

  • Prototype retail kiosk
  • User can experiment with custom book colors and materials
  • Book price updates in realtime as user makes changes

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Product simulation: book design kiosk

GE Lighting
3D City of Light home page

  • Interactive lighting simulations
  • Cost/benefit calculator
  • Banner ads
  • Business-to-business sales presentations

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3D illustration: GE city website

R. Groves Group
Flash-based casino game

  • Fully playable simulation for marketing a slot machine product
  • “Cheat keys” to demonstrate different wins

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Product simulation: Pick Your Pleasure slot machine

Product simulation web game

  • Basketball training aid demonstrated in game form
  • Intentionally easy, reinforcing the message that ArcAngel makes shooting simple

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Product simulation web game: ArcAngel

GE Lighting
Promotional web games

  • Fun demos of quality lighting vs. poor lighting
  • Office and store constructed in 3D (Unity) and 2D (Flash)
  • High score tracking

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Flash marketing game: GE Lumination Game