Custom Games
For marketing & education

Games can do more than entertain: they can teach, persuade, and sell. I can work with you to build anything from a traffic-boosting web game to a 3D game controller, maze puzzle and ball 3D trade show experience.

The Game Is the Message

A well-designed educational or marketing game isn’t just a fun activity with a message tacked on. The game is the message: information that will be remembered because it has been experienced. This game for GE Lighting drives home the cost of unreliable lighting:

Programmed and illustrated for FridgeArt, who supplied characters for the final version.

Interactive 3D for Web and Kiosks

Engaging 3D experiences can now be developed rapidly at low cost, using the Unity engine and WebGL to deliver console-level graphics, physics and sound.

The Mathematics of Chance: Invented by Sir Francis Galton in the 19th century, the “bean machine” shows how a probability function known as the normal distribution or “bell curve” can predict the likely outcome of a random occurrence—such as falling beans.

This same educational 3D game could be deployed to iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone as a free app download.

More Interactive 3D Examples

Design custom furniture or explore a 3D campus map.


Clockwork 360
Mobile game title

  • Upcoming release for iPad and iPhone
  • Also playable on Windows, Mac and as a browser game
  • Action game with realistic 3D physics and lighting

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iPhone/iPad/iOS App Store game: Clockwork

Kent State University
PREDICTION multiplayer game

  • Cooperative game for Communication students
  • Connects players over the Internet
  • From a board game by William Gorden & Richard Goodman

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Multi-player educational game: KSU Prediction by William Gorden

R. Groves Group
Flash-based casino game

  • Fully playable simulation for marketing a slot machine product
  • “Cheat keys” to demonstrate different wins

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Product simulation: Pick Your Pleasure slot machine

HTML5 training game interface

  • Animated front end for corporate training game
  • Built tablet and smartphone-ready for Sustainable Innovations using supplied characters

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HTML5 workplace training game: Grow a PAIR and Lead

Product simulation web game

  • Basketball training aid demonstrated in game form
  • Intentionally easy, reinforcing the message that ArcAngel makes shooting simple

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Product simulation web game: ArcAngel

Fly Eye
Four-player strategy game

  • “Hotseat” turn-based strategy
  • Two teams of two cooperative players
  • Shockwave web game

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Web game: Fly Eye

CDI Refurb Puzzler
HTML5 marketing game

  • Heavily-modified open source non-Flash matching game
  • Playing reveals images of the service being offered
  • Built tablet and smartphone-ready for MossMedia

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HTML5/JavaScript game: CDI Same Game

GE Lighting
Promotional 3D web game

  • Humorous demo of good vs. poor lighting
  • 3D Flash programmed in Unity for FridgeArt
  • Custom modeling plus supplied characters/voices

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Flash 3D/Unity web game: GE LED Swap

MSM International
Educational strategy game

  • Paper game re-designed with interactivity and animation
  • Teaches car maintenance to new drivers
  • Smart A.I. opponents

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Interactive learning media: educational game

Panoramic VR adventure engine

  • 3D-rendered 360° environments
  • Time travel with time-of-day effects
  • 3D inventory objects

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Panoramic game: 4D