Portfolio: Gulf Coast Exploreum
Interactive game-based museum exhibits

FuelUp!, a children’s educational game inspired by “endless runner” mobile games, is one of three games I created running on nine screens of nutrition-related exhibits at the Gulf Coast Exploreum in Mobile, AL. I provided game design consulting, created all 3D assets and textures, and programmed the exhibits, working with the Impact Communications team who designed the physical stations, informational content, and UI, and supplied 2D artwork including concept art of a race car made from food.

  • Game-based educational exhibits on nutrition
  • 3D driving game with custom control wheel
  • Quiz show wall and touchscreen recipe tables

Three different meal-themed driving tracks are filled with food choices (explained before each lap) and unhealthy obstacles such as “salt spills.” In between laps, a choice of snacks is offered. Healthier choices lead to a higher score and a better trophy at the end.

Photo: child using a steering wheel to play driving game in a museum, with a car and obstacles made of food
Using the Unity engine, I programmed the game to respond both to keyboard controls for testing, and to Impact’s custom-built analog steering wheels for final deployment.

Photo: colorful museum space with touchscreen exhibits and circular video wall
Exhibits I programmed for the Exploreum included three FuelUp! driving stations; two multitouch tables, each delivering hands-on healthy cooking lessons for two people at once; a large circular projected “quiz show” for groups; and a smaller one-person version of the same quiz game. The quiz game has its own content management system, allowing questions, images, and videos to be added and changed as needed, as well as facilitating themed groups of questions for special events. Each exhibit returns automatically to an “attract” video if no one interacts with it for a time.