Portfolio: Patient Records Simulator
Interactive Training Kiosks for Nursing Students

This standalone app for Windows and Mac, built using Xojo and SQL, simulates the bedside computer systems used in modern hospitals. Developed for Lorain County Community College in collaboration with Professor Mary Grady, these simulators are a vital part of Allied Health coursework. Real-world bedside systems are expensive and complex to maintain, while lacking features dedicated to education. So I designed a “generic” health records system that is easy to use and puts learning first.

  • Installed in patient rooms in a mock hospital for nursing students
  • Graphical medication schedules
  • Printable reports of student actions

Simulator screenshot: medication schedule for Barry Gibb showing missed dose
Medication errors are highlighted both on a visual timeline and in lesson-end reports. A “simulation clock” can be advanced to simulate scenarios that last longer than the available class time. Every UI element has tooltip help.

Teacher/admin interface screenshot: patient records list with medications and other details for Barry Gibb
Instructors can easily manage a list of simulated patient scenarios. Each scenario can be displayed to the students or hidden as needed, and multiple patients in different rooms can be simulated at once. Preset libraries of common medical conditions and medications provide “building blocks” that make setting up custom scenarios simple.