Portfolio: Trip’s Treasures
Educational math game for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows

I designed and programmed this game for Dr. Barbara Ekelman of Bolster Learning Systems, incorporating Bolster’s dolphin mascot to teach children to count groups of items quickly at a glance. I also did the programming behind Bolster’s WELL Screening web app, designed by Dr. Ekelman to help educators, parents, and health professionals assess multiple skill areas in one interactive activity.

  • Teaches rapid counting
  • Fun progression of different treasures and patterns
  • For desktop and mobile platforms

The player is asked to find the one treasure chest containing a specific number of treasures. Increasingly difficult patterns are used to teach “subitizing,” a fundamental math skill for young children.  Download from the App Store for iPhone and iPad

Educational mobile game to teach early math skills: treasure chests with countable patterns of gems
Different types of coins and gems pile up, giving the player a sense of progression and accomplishment. I designed and programmed the game and built the graphics, while Bolster supplied the audio cues and dolphin character.