Portfolio: Promotional Web Games
Custom Games for Marketing and Product Demonstration

A marketing game encourages sharing on social media by being fun and memorable. The ideal game is also a product demonstration, as seen in these screenshots of games I designed and programmed for ad campaigns.

ArcAngel Game

  • Basketball training aid demonstrated in game form
  • Intentionally easy, reinforcing the message that ArcAngel makes shooting simple

Basketball training game screenshot: shooting aid attached to hoop
The user aims the ball at the hoop and receives feedback for different types of throw.

PopArt Game

  • Realistic bubble-wrap popping game with bombs and powerups
  • Showcases the product’s unique feature: a range of colorful patterns

Marketing game screenshot: decorative bubble wrap popping
The user pops bubble wrap as fast as possible, earning fun tools like pins and bombs to pop even faster. The bubble wrap being popped changes each round, showcasing the colorful gift patterns available.