My Interactive Design Philosophy

My design philosophy combines traditional graphic design and information design together, as a single process, informed by a thorough technical knowledge of interactive technologies. The following principles guide my design process.

Create a Participatory Experience

  • Choose an appropriate interaction style, from fun and exploratory to explicit and businesslike. Incorporate variety and interest without creating confusion.
  • Create an inviting, professional graphical style that reflects well on the client and targets specific goals.
  • Make useful interactivity part of the design from the earliest sketches, rather than simply adding gimmicks after the design is done.
  • Never let special effects and clutter distract or delay the user.
  • Coordinate with any existing traditional media without sharing their limitations. Interactive media should be more than an on-screen print document.

Understand Your Users and Their Motivations

  • Anticipate their needs and guide them subtly toward the information they need or the actions the client wants them to take.
  • Carefully prioritize what information is most important and what actions the user is expected to take.

Make a Large Set of Information Feel Small

  • Don’t bombard the user with too many choices at once.
  • Design a visual structure that relates to the information structure. Let the user zero in quickly on the desired information, aware at all times of where she or he is in the hierarchy of the content.

Portfolio Archive


Gulf Coast Exploreum
9 screens of museum games

  • Game-based educational exhibits on nutrition
  • 3D driving game with custom control wheel
  • Quiz show wall and touchscreen recipe tables

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Interactive museum exhibits: Gulf Coast Exploreum Fuel Up! game

GE Lighting
Promotional web games

  • Fun demos of quality lighting vs. poor lighting
  • Office and store constructed in 3D (Unity) and 2D
  • High score tracking

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Web marketing game: GE Lumination Game

LCCC Allied Health
Patient Records Simulator

  • Installed in patient rooms in a mock hospital for nursing students
  • Graphical medication schedules
  • Printable reports of student actions

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Interactive learning simulation: Lorain County Community College Patient Records Simulator